I will be having a little show at Koenji-Shorin cafe
on July 3rd from 2pm to 7pm. Come meet the mysterious Kenner prototype blonde Blythe doll that you've seen featured in all the Kenner advertisments and packages. She's the doll on the Blythe carrier case as well as the television ad!
I had the amazing luck to have found her years ago through a former Kenner employee who had kept her all these years. She's a handmade prototype doll, created at the Marvin Glass Studios by Allison Katzman, the designer of Blythe, before the dolls actually started getting produced in the factory. This is Blythe history!

Also displayed will be a small selection of various vintage dolls and photos.
We would love to see you there!
Let's have tea and muffins and play!

The show is organized by the fantastic
Atelier Matin !!
Thank you Matin-san for this kind gesture and for all the support!