Wilhemina is a young girl who lives with her grandmother, in a grand, old apartment close to Place Vendome.

She's in love with a boy who lives far, far away. She holds on tight to his lingering perfume, which she keeps tucked away in a frail glass heart. She keeps it with her always, as she waits for his return. She opens her heart every now and then to let his fragrance envelop her and fill the air, to remind her that he does exist and of the only unconditional love she has ever known. The world melts away when his arms are wrapped around her.

She believes with all her heart that he always will come back to her no matter how long they're apart; whether it's the minutes that turn into hours or the days that turn into months. Because surely he was
not just a daydream.

He longs for her, she aches to go to him, she will travel to him, he awaits for her in a faraway land, she has her passport ready. She throws her coat on, her only luggage being his bottle of perfume he had left behind and her favorite blue dress she wore when they met. A long journey lies ahead.

He had asked of her:
Don't ever leave me, Wilhemina...