Absolutely nothing in this set is truly original; I put together retro styles and shapes that I personally find charming, exciting and right for Blythe and felt were missing from the current trend for sweet saccharine or pseudo-goth lolitas. Real life fashion trickles down into the doll world, as we project ourselves in them and live vicariously through them.

Dolls have always been part of human culture in one way or another and they have always mirrored both the fashion and social movements of their time. If you listen to dolls carefully, you can hear echos of times gone by, They carry messages.
I have learned so much about people by studying the dolls that corresponded to each period or decade.

Wilhemina is a labor of love and the culmination of almost a decade
of living, breathing, exploring and celebrating Blythe.

I hope she whispers to you.


May 2008